5 Simple Steps to Organize a Donation Campagn for Mexico in Your Company.


  1. Register your company here as DONATE-FOR-MEXICO participant.
    You will receive a confirmation with posters and mailouts to your co-workers. 
  2. Assign a Donation Campaign Coordinator in your Company.
  3. Place a Large Box at the entrance of your building with the Simple Steps to Donate Medical Supplies to Mexico with the 3 Package Options: A - €25, B - €50 or C - €100.

    Let all your staff know about the Donation Campaign with Beginning and Ending Dates of the collection through simple posters and internal e-mails.
  4. During your Donation Campaign for Mexico, your collegues place the order according to their choice:
    Package A - € 25.00 Basic Medical Supply Kit
    Package B - € 50.00 First Aid & Baby Delivery Kit
    Package C - €100.00 Complete Kit for Nurses
  5. Once your company campagn is finished, you can arrange for Pick Up of all collected packages to either be sent to or picked up by to Koppert B.V. Nederland in Berkel-Roderijs. 

Koppert Nederland B.V. will ship by air or seafreight all donated items to Koppert Mexico and from there a fleet of 50 trucks will distribute all donations to the most needed regions of Mexico.

Your company name will be published on the List of Participating Companies.